Guild Library

The Guild library is a benefit available to all members.  Books are checked out on the
honor system.  They go out for one month (except over the summer), and there is a $1.00/
month late fee after that time.  Please be considerate of other members and do not keep
books for an extended time.  When returning items, please place the item on top of the
library case - do not place in the bookcase.  The librarian will reshelve all items.

Adams, M.  The Macramé Pattern Book.  1971
Albers, Anni  On Weaving.  1965
Alderman, Sharon.  A Handweaver’s Notebook.  1991
*Alderman, Sharon.  Mastering Weave Structures.  2004
**Allard, Mary Rug Making 1963
Allen, Heather.  Weaving Contemporary Rag Rugs.  1998
Alvarez, Nina.  Weaving in the Peruvian Highlands.  2007
Amsden, Charles.  Navaho Weaving – Its Technic and Its History.  1974
Andes.  Weave and Wear It.
Andrews, D.  How to Make Your Own Hammock and Lie in It.  1972
Angstadt, Jacob.  Designs Drawn from His Weavers Pattern Book.  1976
Angstadt, Jacob.  His Weavers Pattern Book.  1976.
Armstrong, Helen.  Pattern Making for Fashion Design.
Atwater, Mary M. ByWays in Handweaving. 1954
Atwater, Mary M.  Handwoven Rugs.
Atwater, Mary M.  Shuttlecraft Book of American Handweaving.  1933
**Atwater, Mary M. Patterns for Hand weaving ( John Landes)
Atwood, Betty.  Weaves & Techniques for the Inkle Loom.  1972
Baines, Patricia.  Linen:  Handspinning and Weaving.
*Barrett, Clotilde.  Boundweave.  1987
*Barrett, Clotilde.  Double Two-Tie Unit Weaves.  1983
Barrett, Clotilde.  Summer & Winter and Beyond.  1982
**Bateman, William Bateman Blend Weaves
Battenfield, Jackie.  Ikat Techniques.  1978
Beard, Betty.  Fashions from the Loom.  1980
Becky’s Vav Stuga.  A Linen Sampling Book.
Bennet, Noel.  Working with the Wool:  How to Weave a Navajo Rug.  1971
Bennet, Noel &Bighorse, Tina.  Navajo Weaving Way.  1997
*Beriau, Oscar. Home Weaving. 1939
Beriau, Oscar.  Le Meier a Quartre Lames.  1941
Better  Homes and Gardens. Rug Making.  1978
Beveridle, June  Warp/Weft/Set.  1980
Birrell, Verla. The Textile Arts. 1959
Black, Mary. New Key to Weaving.  1976
Blumenau, Lili. Creative Design in Wall Hangings.  1967
Bolton, Eileen.  Lichens for Vegetable Dyeing.  1972.
Bress, Helene.  Coverlet Book. 2 vols.  2003
*Bress, Helene.  Weaving Book: Patterns & Ideas.  1981
**Bress, Helen Inkle Weaving 1975
Bronson, J.  Early American Weaving and Dyeing.  
Brostoff, Laya.  Double Weave Theory and Practice.  1979
**Brown, Rachel The Weaving, SpinningDyeing Book 1980
Bryan.  Navajo Native Dyes.  1978
Buchanan, Rita.  A Weaver’s Garden.  1987
Burnham. Dorothy. The Comfortable Arts. 1981
Bumham, Dorothy & Harold. Keep Me Warm One Night  1972
Butterick.  Ready, Set, Go.  1971
Cason & Cahiander. The Art of Bolivian Highland Weaving. 1976.
Casselman, Karen L.  The Kraft of the Dyer.
Chandler, Deborah.  Learning to Warp. 1995
NOS  Chandler, Deborah.  Learning to Weave.  
Chetwynd, Hilary. Simple Weaving.  1969
**Collingwood, Peter Masttr Weaver
Collingwood, Peter.  The Craft of the Weaver.  1982
Collingwood, Peter.  The Maker’s Hand.  1987
Collingwood, Peter. Peter Collingwood: His Weaves and Weaving. 1963
Collingwood, Peter.  Rug Weaving Techniques Beyond the Basics.  1990
NOS Collingwood, Peter.  The Techniques of Rug Weaving. 1968
NOS Collingwood, Peter.  The Techniques of Sprang.  1974
Collingwood, Peter. The Techniques of Tablet Weaving. 1982
Complex Weaver.  Greatest Hits.  (with CD)
Cowan, Mary Introduction to extiles 1962
Creager, Weaving:  A Creative Approach for Beginners.  1974.
Crocket, Candace.  Card Weaving.
Crowell, Ivan. Popular Weaving Crafts.  1950.
Cyrus-Zetterstrom, Ulla.  Manual of Swedish Handweaving.  2nd ed.  1977
*Davison, Marguerite.  A Handweaver’s Pattern Book.  1944
Davison. Marguerite. A Handweaver’s Sourcebook. 1953
Dixon, Anne.  The Handweaver’s Pattern Directory.  2007
Drooker, Penelope.  Samplers You Can Use.  1984
**Eatough,Judie Complex Weaving - Greatest Hits
**Ellis,Catherine Weavers Studio 2005
Erf, Mary E C.  Shaker Towels for the 21st Century.  2005
Erf, Mary E.C.  Tiny Textiles, Book One.  1991
**Evans,Jane A Joy Forever - Latvian Weaving
Erickson, Joanne.  Rag Weaving Gimmicks and Tricks.
Fannin, Allen.  Handloom Weaving Technology.  1998
Fannin, Allen.  Handspinning:  Art & Technique.  1970.
**Farrar, Sara Basic Double Weave Theory 1991
Field, Anne.  Collapse Weave.  2008
Fournier & Fournier.  In Sheep’s Clothing – A Handspinner’s Guide to Wool.
Frey, Berta.  Designing and Drafting for Handweavers.  1958
Frey, Berta.  Four Harness Weaving.  1972
NOS Fry, Laura.  Magic in the Water. (with CD)
NOS Fry, Laura.  Wet Finishing Techniques.  2002
NOS Gallinger & Benson.  Weaving with Reeds and Fibers.  1975
Gallinger, O.  The Joy of Handweaving.  1950
**Gallinger and Del Deo  Rug Weaving for Everyone
NOS Gilby, Myrian.  Reed Weaving.  1976
Gillow, John.  World Textiles, A Visual Guide to Traditional Techniques.
Gluckman, Dale Carolyn.  Kimono as Art.  2008              
Golden Hands.  Bargello.
Griswold, Alice.  Weaving Solutions.  2000
**Hall, Eliza A Book of Handwoven Coverlets 1912
Halsey, Youngmark.  Foundations of Weaving.  1976
Hamaker, Barbara.  Clothing:  A Handwoven Approach.  1978
Handweavers’ Guild of America.  Helps and Hints.
Handwoven magazine.  Scarves.  1999
Hargrove, John.  Weavers Draught Book and Clothiers Assistant.  1979
Hart. Carol and Dan. Natural Basketry. 1978
NOS Harter, Joyce.  Untie the Warping Problem.  1993
Harter, Joyce & Sanders, Nadine.  Weaving that Sings.  1994
Harvey, Nancy.  The Guide to Successful Tapestry Weaving.  1981
Harvey, Nancy.  Tapestry Weaving, A Comprehensive Study Guide.  1991
NOS Harvey, Virginia, ed.  Bateman Blend Weaves.  1982
Harvey, Virginia, ed. Multiple Tabby Weaves (Bateman) 1981
Hayes, Bertha.  Bertha Hayes’ Patterns (overshot) 1947
Hendrickson, Linda.  Tubular Cardwoven Neck Pieces.  1993
*Hinchcliffe, & Jeffs.  Rugs from Rags.  1977
**Hindson, Alice - Designers Drawloom 1958
Hokanson, Suzanne. woven: a Bauhaus memoir. 2006
Holkeboer, Katherine.  Patterns for Theatrical Costumes.
NOS Holland, Nina.  The Weaving Primer.  1978
Hollen, Norma.  Textiles.
Hoppe, Ostlund. and Melen. Free Weaving on Frame and Loom. 1972
Hoskins, Weft-Faced Pattern Weaves:  Tabby to Taquete.  1992.
NOS Hohansson.  Damsask and Opphamta.  1982
Inouye, Bonnie.  Exploring Multi-Shaft Design.  2000
Itten, Johnannes.  The Elements of Color.  1970
James, George W.  Indian Blankets & Their Makers – the Navaho.  1974
Jarvis, Helen.  Weaving a Traditional Coverlet.  1989
Jorstad, Caroline, Ethnic Looms.  1982
Joseph, Marjory. Introductory Textile Science. 1981
Kawashima, Masaaki.  Men’s Fashion Designs.  1974
Keasbey, Doramay.  Pattern Techniques for Handweavers.  2005
Keasbey, Doramay.  Pattern Devices for Handweavers.  1981
NOS Kent, Kate Peck.  West African Cloth.
**Krough,Else - The Ashford Book of Textures and Towels 1997
Kurtz, Carol. Designing for Weaving. 1981
Lambert, Patricia, et al.  Color and Fiber.  1986.
Lancaster, Daryl.  Closures
*Lancaster, Daryl.  Seam and Edge Finishes
Lancaster, Daryl.  What to Do with Leftovers.
*Landis, Lucille.  Warp with a Paddle and Beam without Paper.  1977
Larsen, Jack Lenor.  Dyer’s Art – Ikat, Batik, Plangi.
Laughlin, Mary Elizabeth.  More than Four.  1976
Leclerc, Robert.  Creative Weaving. 1967
Leclerc, Robert.  Warp and Weave.  1977
Lee, Carol.  Fleeceweaving.  2002
Liebler, Barbara.  Hands on Weaving.  1986
Ligon, Linda, ed. A Rug Weaver’s Source Book.  1984
Lundback. Maja. Small Webs. 1959
Lundell, Laila.  The Big Book of Weaving:  
Lundell, Laila.  Rep Weaves.  1987
**Lundell, Laila - Stora Vavbokin 1979
**Mackley, Florence - Handweaving in Cape Breton
NOS Manley, Ray & Getzwille, Ray.  The Fine Art of Navajo Weaving.  1984
Margolis, Adele.  The Complete Book of Tailoring. 1964.
Maxwell, Gilbert.  Navajo Rugs – Past, Present, and Future.  1973
Mayer, Anita.  Clothing from the Hands that Weave. 1984
Meilach, D.  Basketry.  1974
Menard-Gosselin, Micheline.  Weaving on Round and Oval Metal Hoops.
Menz, Deb.  Colorworks.  2004
Moorman, Theo.  Weaving as an Art Form.  1975
Muller, Donna.  Handwoven Laces.
**Nash, Dominie - Warp Painting
Nass, Lola - Harness Lace
NOS Nyquist, Jan.  Speed Warping.  1995
O’Connor, Paul.  A Twill of Your Choice.  1981
O’Connor, Paul. Loom-Controlled Double Weave. 1992
Oelsner, G. H. A  Handbook of Weaves.  1952
Osterkamp, Peggy.  Warping Your Loom and Tying On New Warps, 1995
*Osterkamp, Peggy.  Weaving a Drafting Your Own Cloth.   2005
Osterkamp, Peggy.    Winding a Warp and Using a Paddle.  1998
**Parker, Julie  All About Color
**Parker, Julie - All About Silk
** Parker, Julie - All About Woo
Parker, Z.  Creative Handweaving.  1976
Patrick, Jane.  A Handwoven Treasury.  1990
**Patrick, Jane - Time to Weave
Pendleton, Mary.  Navajo and Hopi Weaving Techniques.  1974
Phillips,  Janet.  Designing Woven Fabrics.  2008
**Picton, John  African Textiles 1977
Plath. lona. Handweaving. 1964
Powell, Marian. 1000 (+) Patterns in 4, 6, & 8 Harness Shadow Weaves. 1976
Regensteiner, E. Weavers Study Course.  1971
Regensteiner, E.  The Art of Weaving.  1970
Reichard, Gladys.  Weaving a Navajo Blanket.  1974
NOS Robin & Russ.  Drafts and Designs.  1965
Robinson, Sharon. Contemporary Basketry. 1978
Rosensteil, Hjertvon.  Loom Construction.  1978
**deRucter, Erice - Tejido Huave and Beyond
Safner. Isadora. The Weaving Roses of Rhode Island. 1985
Scarlett, James.  Tartan:  The Highland Textile.  1990
Seagrott, Margaret.  A Basic Textile Book.  1975.
Searles, The Techniques of Freeform Design.  1984
Selander, Malin.  Weave a Weave.
Selby, Margaret - Color and Texture in Weaving 2011
**Skowronski, Hella - Sprand
Smayda, Norma et al.  Weaving Designs by Bertha Gray Hayes:  Miniature       Overshot.  
Smith. J.R.  Taaniko:  Hand Weaving.  1975
NOS Snow, Marjorie and William.  Step-by-Step Tablet Weaving.  1973
Spady, Robin.  Handwoven Decorative Trim.  2009.
Strickler, Carol.  A Weaver’s Book of 8-shaft Patterns.  1991
Sullivan, Donna Lee.  Weaving Overshot.  1996
**Sullivan, Donna Lee  Summer and Weinter 1991
Sunset Books.  Weaving Techniques and Projects.  1975
Sutton, Ann, ed.  Falcot’s Weaves Compendium.  1990
Sutton, Ann.  The Structure of Weaving.
**Sutton, Anne  Color and Weaving Design
**Sutton, Anne The Craft of the Weaver
**Swedish Handcrafters Soc. - Swedish Patterns and designs
Tacker, Harold.  Band Weaving.  1974
Tallarovic, Joanne.  Rep Weave and Beyond.  2004
Thorpe & Larsen. Elements of Weaving. 1967
**Thurman,Christa Department of Textiles   Art Institute of Chicago 1978
Tidball, Harriet.  The Inkle Weave.
Tidball, Harriet.  The Weaver’s Book.  1961
Tidball, Harriet.  Two-Harness Textiles:  The Loom Controlled Weaves.  1967
Tod, O.G.  Rug Weaving for Everyone.
Todd, Mattie Phipps. Hand-loom Weaving. 1914
**Todd, O.G.   Joy of Handweaving
Tomita, Jun & Noriko.  Japanese Ikat Weaving.  1982
Tovey, John.  The Techniques of Weaving.
Tovey , John.  Weaves and Pattern Drafting.  1969
Trotzig, Liv and Axelsson, Astrid.  Weaving Bands.  1974.
Turner. A. R.  Finger Weaving:  Indian Braiding
Valk, Gene.  The Gartner Manuscript.  2006
Walk, Gene.  Old Looms Glossary.  2006
Van der Hoogt, Madelyn.  Complete Book of Drafting for Handweavers. 1992
v*an der Hoogt, editor.  Best of Weaver’s:  Fabrics That Go Bump,  2002
Van der Hoogt, editor.  Best of Weaver’s: Huck Lace.  2000
van der Hoogt, editor.  Best of Weaver’s: Overshot is Hot.  2008
van der Hoogt, editor. Best of Weaver’s:  The Magic of DoubleWeave,  2006
van der Hoogt, editor.  Best of Weaver’s:  Thick ‘n Thin,  2001
*van der Hoogt, editor.  Best of Weaver’s:  Twill Thrills,  2004
Van Geller,  Lydia.  Ikat.  1980
Vavmaganiset,  Swedish Rag Rugs:  35 New Designs.  1995
NOS Walker, Anna Le Grande.  Essentials of Weaving.  1940.
**Waller, Irene  Design Sources for the Fiber Artist
Ward. M.  Art and Design in Textiles.  1973
Weavers’ Guild of Baltimore.  Sixty Scarves for 60 Yeears.  2010
Weigle, Palmy.  Color Exercises for the Weaver.  1976.
Weigle, Palmy.  Double Weave.  1978
**Wells, Kate  Fabric Dyeing and printing
Wells, Oliver.  Salish Weaving.  1969
Wertenberger, Kathryn.  8, 12….20   1988
West, Virginia.  A Cut Above:  Couture Clothing for Fibre Artists.  1992
West, Virginai.  Finishing Touches for the Hand Weaver.  1988
West, Virginai.  Swatch Book.  1985
White, Pat.  Planned & Unplanned:  Creative Handwoven Clothing.  1992
Wilson, Jean.  The Pile Weaves.  1974
**Wilson, Jean  Soumak Workbook
*Wilson, Jean.  Weaving you can Use.  1975
NOS Wilson, Jean.  Weaving you can Wear.  
NOS Wilson and Jackson, Textile Arts Index.  1950, 1987, 1988
Winderknecht, Margaret, Color and Weave.
**Winderknecht, Margaret - Creative Monk’s t
Winslow, Heather.  More on Moorman:…Inlay Adapted to Clothing.  1994
Worst, Edward. Weaving with Foot-Power Looms. (1924) 1974
Zielinski, S. I. Encyclopedia of Handweaving. 1959
Znamierowski, N.  Step by Step Weaving.  1967

Legend: NOS - not on shelf
* - on current loan
** - new to the library list

Barrett, Clotilde.  Doubleweave
*Chandler, Deborah.  Beginning Four Harness Weaving.
*Chandler, Deborah.  Introduction to Weaving
Guy, Sallie.  Tips, Tricks, and Problem Solvers
*Harvey, Nancy.  Tapestry Weaving 1
LeLena, Constance.  Dressing the Loom

Bardwell, Katy.  Native American Finger Weaving Workshop       Book 13
Barrett, Clotilde.  Multi-layered Cloth Workshop                           Book 13
Beard, Betty.  Ritzy Rag Workshop                                                 Book 5
Beevers, Sue.  The Lowly Twill Workshop                                     Book 2
Decker, Barbara.  Boundweave Workshop                                      Book 6
Heaton, Linda.  Working with Polymer Workshop                          Book 6
HMWG – Double Weave Study Group                                            Book 11
HMWG – Photographs of Guild Activities                        Book 1
HMWG – Programs                                        Book 12
Lyon, Nancy.  Block Weave Workshop                               Book 13
Moes, Dini.  Surface Weaves Workshop                        Book 7
Muller, Donna.  Lace Weave Workshop                        Book 4
Nyquist, Jan.  Summer-Winter Workshop                        Book 9
Vera, Betty.  Warp Painting Workshop                        Book 10
Voiers, Leslie.  Gamps for Fabric Design Workshop                Book 3
West, Virginia.  Silk Workshop.                          Book 8